Friday, 8 November 2019

First aid

Year 6 have had the chance to learn valuable first-aid skills that will help them for life. They learnt how to put a patient, who has gone into shock, into the recovery position and how to perform CPR using mouth-to-mouth and heart compressions. The children then learnt about how to bandage effectively. A great learning activity!

Diwali Day

Year 6 celebrated Diwali Day and enhanced their understanding of this religious ceremony. The children made Diva lamps and Diva sweets. They then coloured some Rangoli patterns, all whilst enjoying the fragrance from the incense.

Dice problem solving

Year 6 solved problems related to dice. They made generalisations and then proved them. They noticed that the sum of the numbers on the top of three dice added to the sum of the bottom numbers of each dice - always added to 21. Using this they could predict the sum of the bottom numbers only knowing the sum of the top numbers.

Year 6 also made 'dice trains' following specific rules: carriages were joined by matching the numbers on the dice. The funnel had to be equal to the sum of the tops of the visible carriages. The children noticed that the maximum number of carriages was 7 because the largest the funnel could be is 6.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Year 6 Maths Challenge

Six, Year 6 children, attended a primary maths challenge today at Headington Prep school in Oxford. This is a prestigious competition of extremely high levels. The children worked in pairs to solve complex maths problems in a variety of rounds. This year, Ladygrove children attained their highest position ever when they came an amazing second overall. Well done year 6!

Year 4 Monster Algorithms

Year 4 started to develop their understanding of writing and implementing algorithms to produce a desired outcome.

First they followed an algorithm written by the teacher to produce a monster picture.
As you can see all the children followed the algorithm accurately and that's why their monster pictures are so similar!

Next, they each drew their own picture of a monster and wrote the algorithm to go with it.
Then, they challenged partners to follow their algorithm to reproduce the monster.

As you can see the children wrote effective algorithms so that their partners could follow them accurately to produce the exact outcome monster desired!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November...

Today we celebrated Bonfire Night by making our own Bonfire Collage. We also made beautiful Firework pictures and Chocolate Sparklers which were delicious.
We watched firework display videos on the computer and then made up our own Firework song with actions.

Class 1's First Forest School Session

Forest School

Class 1 really enjoyed their first Forest School session, exploring the new area.