Friday, 20 May 2022

Year 6 - wire and clay sculpture

 In art this term, year 6 have been learning about sculptors and have had a go at making their own using wire and clay.

Year 6 - Money Matters

 Year 6 have started their 'Young Enterprise' project, which will continue into next term. Today, the children developed their team building skills as they worked together to produce bracelets. They were initially given a £60 loan - which they had to pay back at the end. The loan was used to buy the necessary resources. Once produced, the bracelets could be sold for £40 (if they were of acceptable quality) and the children could then decide whether to make more. The idea was to make the most profit.


Thursday, 7 April 2022

Year 6 - Easter Cooking

In celebration of  'Easter Around the World', year 6 cooked some Feijoada - a black bean and pork stew. This comfort food is sometimes called the national dish of Brazil.  This popular Brazilian dish, owes its name to its main ingredient, black beans (feij√£o). It is a rich stew traditionally made from different parts of the pig, such as feet, ears, and bacon, as well as other smoked meats. We used sausages. A vegetarian option was also made. It was a majority of thumbs up for this dish when tasting it!